About us


Coming from a family that is deep rooted in culturally rich diversity be it food, sports and spirituality, D Randhawa has learnt the art of maintaining the perfect fitness in the course of time through his early experiences from desi sports actively progressing into the glamour world of acting and modeling. His journey from early Kabaddi and cricket days to a full -fledged muscle building, he has explored the treasure and the trick to how one can maximize the paradigms of their body by intake of correct proteins that lies in the rich world of Ayurveda. GC PURE is 100 % natural and organically driven and distinguishes itself from the harmful synthesized proteins available in the markets. With various inherent benefits of Ayurvedic components, GC PURE sets itself apart from the traditional protein shakes that do little good to the body and more harm. D Randhawa's vision is to inculcate a protein rich lifestyle among the masses with easy efforts and healthy results not just limited to youth and gym going fitness freaks but also commoners of all age group who wish to develop and adopt a healthy life cycle.